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"If you can't measure it, you can't change it."
— Peter Drucker

Start count calories now, and the benefits will overtake you quickly. Millions of products in our database will help you.
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Use barcode scanner to find and log your food. Super fast and simple way.
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All you need is to answer a few elementary questions. We calculate your ideal calories and nutrients for you.
Stay hydrated
Getting enough water every day is important for your health. Water makes up more than half of your body weight, and a person can't survive for more than a few days without it.

Track your water consumption and be sure that you drink it enough.
Our mission is to simplify routine and to inspire people to a healthy lifestyle.
Food is the energy of life.
The quality of our life directly depends on what we eat. Thanks to the evolution, we no longer need to spend a lot of energy looking for food. Food has become available and varied. Technology also does not stand still and makes food more nutritious and more attractive in taste.
All this contributes to the consumption of food in more than necessary. And it turns into extra pounds, which can seriously worsen the quality of life. There is also a downside: trying to lose weight, a person seriously reduces his diet and, as a result, harms himself even more.

We believe that balance is important in everything, and to find this balance you need to understand your diet and learn how to measure it. The main task of our application is to help you to find a balance and simplify the process of calculating calorie intake as much as possible.
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